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Player Name: Matthew
Age: 18
Contact: Either here, Xehalest on AIM, or on MSN.

Name: Adrian Clark
Alias: Force
Age: 18
Canon/OC: OC


Gravitational Manipulation. This includes flight as he can manipulate his own gravitational field, he can become immovable if he increases the density of his field, making it more difficult for him to be attacked as any enemy would have to 'enter' the same field. He can manipulate the gravitational field around an object in order to levitate and move an object or he could rapidly increase the density of the field in order to 'crush' the object, imitating the pressure at deep-sea levels.


The object has to be within his line of sight, preferably with a physical trigger I.E. A hand movement. During prolonged flights or manipulation of his own gravitational field he might give himself decompression sickness, though he's getting better at altering his field in a more controlled manner.


Adrian is 6'2 with a 'built' frame. He looks like your typical 'boy next door' with short blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He's 175 lbs though this weight can seem greater or lesser when he uses his powers. He has a tattoo on his left wrist with the script 'Garder Vos Secrets'


Adrian is generally a nice person, he's sensitive and sympathetic towards others and has an adaptable personality depending on who he's with. He likes to try and please others and be a trustworthy person even while he himself has some pretty big secrets he's never felt comfortable with telling anybody.

From time to time Adrian is liable to become a bit more closed off to people, when stressed out or on his off days he can become a complete introvert, staying alone in his room or just plugging in a pair of earphones and not talking to anyone for a while. In more extreme cases he's been known to fly away, literally, taking long trips out of his home and to the nearest big city to forget himself for a while.

Adrian is gay, but entirely closeted to the extent that he's never told a single person about the situation. This mean he never openly flirts with people and is totally clueless in terms of romantic relationships and even in the case of a member of the same sex being openly flirtatious with him Adrian is likely to simply rebuff these advances, seeing it more as a chance for him to get hurt.


As with most mutants, Adrian's power surfaced during puberty, though born in England he moved to the USA at the age of fourteen.
By the time sixteen came around, his powers had increased in leaps and bounds and his parents couldn't cope with that kind of power inside a hormonal teenage boy. Coupled with the fact that Adrian was getting more introverted with his parents day by day due to his 'big secret' on top of his mutation, they sent him away to a facility which was meant to help with the issues behind his mutation. Instead this facility was a place where some men in suits had banded together in order to try and harness the powers of 'gifted' children. Upon seeing exactly what went on inside this facility Adrian left and never returned home to his parents. He stayed with a friend he'd met at the facility for a while before he found a better place to stay.


Little did Adrian know that even though he'd escaped the facility they had kept all files about him and his gift so that when word went out on the street that someone was looking for mutants, his file was broadcast out immediately and he was approached one day in a coffee shop in NYC, not knowing what was better to do with his life Adrian took the opportunity without needing to think about the collateral.

Personal LJ Sample:

It's getting worse by the day. After leaving that facility full of psychos I just don't have any control output any more. My powers come in bursts whenever I get pissed and I keep getting headaches 'cause of the pressure build up. I mean I can barely walk out onto the street any more without worrying about freaking out and something happening.

I've already started distancing myself from people, as if what was wrong to begin with wasn't enough my power's just added to that burden. Keeping secrets is just about the only thing I can do these days, I guess that's why people think I'm a good 'listener', just because I don't like to talk about myself.

At least there's no more high school.. that has to be the silver lining, right? There's always meant to be one...

Third Person Sample:

Adrian was walking towards a coffee shop in New York; he'd left the house for a while because everything had just gotten so stressful. Living in a house full of other mutant kids really took its toll on people. It was cold outside and he hadn't brought a jacket. For Adrian this wasn't a problem as he naturally doesn't feel too cold or too hot, but it looked really strange for someone to be walking along in a tank top and sweatpants when everyone around him were wearing winter coats and gloves.

He quickly ducked into the doorway of the coffee shop which was thankfully empty, he smiled at the guy behind the counter who had always been nice to him and had already fired up the coffee steamer when he walked towards the bar. Placing a couple of bills on the counter he turned to walk to his regular corner table only to find a man in a suit sitting there with an open dossier on the table. Staring right at him...


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